How I began

Hi, I am Elizabeth Lyon and I'm a West Australian Potter. 

My initial training began at Fremantle Technical College, where I attended for a period of approximately four years, studying a Diploma of Art course.


My intention is to produce attractive functional pots that people will enjoy using daily.  The transformation from clay to a finished piece through the agency of fire is still magical to me and I hope others may see it also. 

My Work

Domestic Stoneware is the area of pottery I have always pursued and over a period of around 40 years this hasn't changed.  Glazing has always been the main focus and where I find the most satisfaction - and frustration at times.

Thank you for visiting my website.  If you would like to see more of my work please follow the link below to my Shop on Etsy.
My next Market will be at Bunbury Cobblestone Market on Sat. 16th Apil 2022

Stoneware by Elizabeth Lyon